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Are you Afraid of Competing?

I believe many women fear speech competitions for the same reasons I did.  I worried about how I looked, about sounding intelligent and about feeling competent.  I wanted to deliver the “perfect” speech.We as women always want to look good.  Why?  In our culture we are judged by what’s on the outside; physical beauty and the clothes we wear.  Just the thought of putting ourselves in a position where all eyes would be on us and we’d be the center of attention is terrifying!  “Oh my gosh!  How’s my hair?  Do I look okay?  Do I look fat?”  Suddenly we become a big ball of insecurity rolling down an emotional roller coaster!

My need to deliver the perfect speech was because I wanted to sound intelligent.  We feel the need to prove ourselves while our male counterparts appear to have an edge up simply because they are men. That’s why I came up with some tricks to help me with my delivery which made me feel intellectual and competent.

Tune in on Saturday to hear how I overcame my insecurities and made it to the World Championship Stage!

Kelly Sargeant

2014 Best “Female” Public Speaker