Real Talk: When My Confidence is Low

ready for a truth post from the heart? here it goes…

i have been feeling scattered brained and all over the place for the past few weeks. my confidence is low and shaky in what i’m doing professionally with this blog and our business. i spend so much time in my own head, that sometimes hours pass without me even noticing.

it would be so much easier if i had certain people telling me “chelsea, you can’t do this. you can’t achieve these goals. why should it be you to put a new spin on marriage and relationships?” but no, 99.98% of everyone i interact with is supportive and encouraging (thank you).

it’s ME telling myself these things and that’s the worst part of it. i can walk away from people who are nay-saying or block them on my social media but i am with myself. all. the. time.

it’s a dangerous thing to talk to ourselves this way because it sinks in deeper and it’s harder to come out of it.

i keep trying to remember to talk to myself like i would my best friend. easier said than done.

real talk…i don’t have everything together and i really do struggle still with feeling capable of living the life i’ve chosen.

one of the things i’ve found to help me see a little more light and feel a tiny bit better is reading positive quotes. i’ve signed up to get danielle laporte’s #truthbombs delivered to my inbox each day and those are helping.


another thing that helps is to be open with my lack of confidence and crazy feelings. though it’s scary to say/write things out loud, i feel as though it has less power over me than if i keep them locked up.

the point of these ramblings isn’t a plea for pity or even encouragement. it’s to let you know that if you’re struggling with where you are right now, you are not alone. it’s normal and we all go through it and hope it passes quickly. it’s apparently part of the process and i want to be real and authentic here.

if you are totally and completely rocking it where you are right now, celebrate that and remember that feeling so you can call on it later.

with that, i found this other quote which i have been guilty of these past few weeks and working to remember it:

get out of your own way


this is a friendly reminder to you and to myself that we are capable, we can do big things and we already have everything we need inside us.

update: i posted this on facebook and then the fabulous jessica shared a link to this great video all about getting out of our way. give it a listen and move aside!

article by Chelsea Turner Avery