Thoughts from the Top Woman Speaker of WCPS 2016


After I won my semi finals, a gentleman came up to me and said I had a good chance of placing in the finals because I was a minority woman, and added that it also helps that I’m attractive.
I smiled and nodded because I genuinely believe he meant it as a compliment and I always want to recognize good intensions.

But giving credit to any of my accomplishments to what I look like is actually a bit insulting. It diminishes all the hard work I put in by attributing it to a characteristic that is unrelated.

Society still has us believing that the best compliment you can pay a woman is physical attractiveness. That we are defined by desirability and beauty sums up our worth no matter what our accolades.

While I am overwhelmed with gratitude by what happened last weekend, I also realize that in the 70+ years of this contest, there has been a total of only 4 women who have ever won the title of The World Championship of Public Speaking. I also found out I was the first woman from Founder’s District and first Korean American woman to ever place at the world stage.


Given that history, kind sir.

I would argue that I placed despite being a minority woman.

Not because of it.

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